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Multi functional high frequency canned diaphragm valve

Multi functional high frequency canned diaphragm valve has a dual-station cylinder and a flow-adjustable filling valve. For fast filling and to prevent spillage or spillage of the bottle. The flow rate is maximum when 1 cylinder is working; When the cylinder is working, the flow rate is the smallest, and the flow rate adjustment device can also be used to adjust the flow rate when the flow 2# cylinder is working.

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    • Size: 1/4 “-3/4”, DN6-DN15
    • Standard: BPE 3A DIN ISO IDF
    • Certification: PED/97/23/EC, 3A/54-04/1580, FDA.177.2600
    • Maximum temperature: -30 ℃ to 150 ℃ (depending on the sealing material) (stainless steel actuator)
    • Maximum temperature: -30 ℃ to 130 ℃ (depending on the sealing material) (plastic actuator)
    • Maximum pressure: one direction (DELTA P=100%)
      Normally closed rubber 8bar, PTFE 6bar (optional)
      Normally closed rubber 6bar, PTFE 4.5bar (standard)
      Normally open and double acting rubber 8bar, PTFE 6bar
    • Replacement of different actuators can meet higher pressure levels
    • Forged valve body: 1.4404/316L/1.4435 BN2
    • Casting valve body: 1.4404/316L
    • Connection method: welding, clamp, flange, thread
    • Operation mode: manual and pneumatic

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