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Third generation high purity check valve

In 2015, DONJOY carried out a comprehensive technical update of the check valve. After the upgrade, the check valve has a smaller dead angle, smaller flow resistance, and the valve core is sealed with full PTFE. Satisfied with automatic welding, the technology meets ASME BPE, 3-A-6800, EHEDG high clean technical requirements.

    • Check valve is designed to prevent fluid from flowing back and ensure the flow to one way direction.
    • It can be used to reduce the loss of fluid back suction,avoid pipe is shock by liquid
    • It is used in the food-processing, beverages, winery, oil, cosmetics,pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries.
    • When the pressure of the fluid is greater than the suction pressure of the spring, the valve opens. When the two pressures are equal, the valve closes. A more powerful differential pressure can also close the valve.

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  • Size : DN-25/1″ to DN-100/4″
  • External structure and shaft : AISI 316L/304
  • Spring : AISI 304
  • Washer: EPDM according to FDA 117.2600
  • Surface treatment : Ra ≤0.8 μm
  • The gasket has NBR, FPM (fluoro rubber) or PTFE, FDA117.2600 (optional)
  • welding, thread, clamp, DIN, SMS RJT, IDF, ISO, 3A
  • Nominal pressure: 10 bar
  • Opening pressure: 0.3bar (DN-25) 0.2bar (DN-32/40) 0.1bar (DN-50/100) (can choose higher opening pressure)
  • Working temperature: -10 ° C to +130 ° C (EPDM)

Third generation high purity check valve






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