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Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter

    • Media: Various of Gas (Except acetylene)
    • Pipe Size: Insertion Type DN50-DN2000mm, In-Line Type DN1O – DN2000mm, Tri-Clamp & Thread Type DN15-100mm
    • Velocity: 0.1 – 1OO Nm/s
    • Accuracy: +/-1 to 2.5%
    • Working Temperature: Sensor -40 to 220 °C, Transmitter -20 to 45 °C
    • Working Pressure: Insertion Type ≤ 1.6 MPa, Flange Type ≤ 4.0 MPa, Special pressure please double check
    • Power Supply: Compact Type 24VDC or 220VAC, Power Consumption ≤ 18W, Remote Type 220VAC, Power Consumption ≤ 19W
    • Response Time: 1s
    • Output: 4-20mA (Optoelectronic Isolation, Maximum Load 500 Ohm ), Pulse, RS485 (Optoelectronic Isolation) and HART
    • Alarm Output: 1-2 line Relay, 10A/ 220V/AC or 5A/30V/DC
    • Sensor Type: Standard Insertion, Hot-tapped Insertion and Flanged
    • Construction: Compact and Remote
    • Pipe Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic etc.
    • Display: 4 lines LCD, Mass flow, Volume Flow in Standard Condition, Flow Totalizer, Date and Time,, Working Time and Velocity, etc.
    • Protection: IP65

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Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter



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